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Oceanside Motorcycle Maintenance Tips from The Enduro Shop

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Quick Pre Ride Checks for day rides or daily during Multiday trips

  • Tire Pressures, rim locks, spokes
  • Chain Tension
  • Air Filter
  • Pump the brakes
  • Check torque on these items
  • 1.Axle nuts
  • 2.Fork pinch bolts
  • 3.Triple clamp bolts
  • 4.Skid plates, hand guards, etc.
  • 5.Bar Mounts
  • Check Electric Start and Light if applicable
  • Throttle Tube, Throttle play
  • Fill with Fuel
  • Coolant level
  • Start and let idle, Check for leaks.

Pre Ride Checks/Setup/Packing for Multiway Trips

Head to toe inspection needed. Top to Bottom include:

  • 1.All of the day ride checks above
  • 2.Tear down of bike with Gas tank off, wheels, shrouds Etc.
  • Check Valve Clearances per MFG Suggested time frames.
  • Fresh Oil and filter, Have 1-2 more depending on trip length
  • Fresh Air Filter, Have 1-2 more...
  • Check Coolant and hoses.
  • Open Clutch cover up, Inspect and Smell plates. Replace if needed
  • Check spoke tightness and overall wheel health
  • Check or Replace Sprocket/Chain Health (Teeth, master link etc.)
  • Lubricate All axles, wheel bearings and linkage if needed
  • Appropriate Tires (Dual Sport, Knobby Tires, etc.) For Ride
  • New Tubes/mousses if needed depending on mileage
  • Check torque on all bolts, Blue Loctite when reassembled.
  • Look at brake pad thickness, Inspect for cracks etc., replace if needed.
  • Check all electrical connections
  • 1.Battery Connections
  • 2.Light Connections for wear
  • 3.EFI connections
  • 4.Working Lights, Headlight, Blinkers, etc.
  • 5.Check fuses(Pack extra)
  • Inspect grips (how much tread or does it spin)
  • Inspect Bar Mounts, Loctite bolts
  • Inspect Stabilizer if applicable (movement and leaks)
  • Clean or replace fuel filters if applicable. EFI or Carb.
  • Check Tank size, what range will you need? Most bikes are 35-50 MPG
  • Go for a ride! Adjust controls, check Axle bolts again, check for leaks
  • Packing for Multiday trips (Weather dependent)


  • 1.Obvious Items (Pants, Jerseys, Helmet, Boots, Gloves)
  • 2.Jacket with Removable sleeves
  • 3.Extra Set of gloves
  • 4.OTB Pants (weather dependent)
  • 5.Multiple pair of socks = Happy FeetJ
  • 6.Packable light jacket or windproof jersey for night time

PARTS /TOOL PACKS (Split between riders if possible)

On Bike or persons preferred to shed weight (Example)

  • 1.Tow Strap
  • 2.Tire Irons, Axle Wrenches
  • 3.Multi Tool with screw drivers, knife, pliers, etc
  • 4.Small T handle with sockets
  • 5.Quick Steel, JB Weld
  • 6.Extra Bolts in various lengths and sizes
  • 7.Lighter/Emergency Blanket
  • 8.Small First aid kit(Band Aids, Gauze, Benadryl, advil)
  • 9.Electrical connectors, Fuses, Electrical Tape, Zip Ties

If you have a chase truck you can pack more oil, filters, Gear etc

Storage Maintenance

  • Drain Gas Tanks
  • Drain Carbs
  • Use VP Fuel or similar for any 4 stroke or 2 stroke
  • Battery tender for proper battery style to keep these topped off.
  • Lubricate chain

Troubleshooting some issues(If we have time):

  • Electric start
  • Lights
  • Idling issues
  • Choke
  • CARB issues
  • Valve Issues
  • AC vs DC
  • Battery Charging, etc

Reference Materials for home or shop use

Online Maintenance Manuals Examples



Download to smartphone or ipad

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